Supporting The Feral Cats In Our Valley


We Care offers a program to diminish the suffering of Community Cats - who live in Feral Colonies, by providing the funding for spay/neuter and vaccination services, food and volunteers to monitor these colonies.

  • By utilizing a Trap/Neuter/Return program these populations are controlled and no new cats move in to take their place, as they would if they were simply removed
  • This way, the cats in these healthy colonies are not able to spread diseases that might reach pets in the valley


Supporting Community Pets In Need

At We Care, we often get calls from responsible pet owners who need to have financial assistance in order to keep their pets with them, and out of a shelter.

  • We Care offers to make arrangements to cover medical care, including spay/neuter, emergency care and food
  • The pet owner must contact We Care before seeking treatment, as We Care works with specific Veterinaries in all parts of the valley, dependent on many factors
  • Call We Care to find out more.


Please also view these shelters’ websites where there are many animals in need.

Napa County Animal Services

Sonoma County Animal Care & Control

Lake County Animal Control