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Leaving A Legacy

A good plan for your precious pets:

Love CatsWe Care’s Supporters are as compassionate and generous as they come.  In our 34 years serving our community, many loyal supporters have named We Care in their will or trust.  We could not be more honored to accept such a lasting legacy for our animals.  These legacy gifts create the foundation for our long-term sustainability.

Even with loads of love for our pets, one area that is often overlooked is assuring that beloved pets are cared for in the event that our animal’s lifetime lasts longer than our own.  Indeed, making sure that you speak with your loved ones about what you would like to have happen in that event is very important.  Too often that conversation never happens and then there is a struggle to find suitable housing for the pet left behind.  Certainly, an animal from a loving home does so much better going directly into another loving home.  While We Care takes wonderful care of our animals, we are still second best to a loving home, as once an animal has lost its beloved person, it is already under stress.  We Care does however work with individuals to plan for the eventual care for an animal, and can be successful in caring for them and helping them to find their next beloved person. An estate-planning attorney can help put your plans in place. If you would like to put We Care Animal Rescue in those plans, please contact us to discuss your options.

If you have already named We Care in your will or trust, we would love to hear from you.  It is so nice to thank someone today for their lasting gift of tomorrow.  Making sure to sit down with an estate-planning attorney is something that helps people to make decisions over their lifetime, not under the pressure of facing a serious illness or other life-changing situation.

To ensure a hopeful future for many animal generations and to pay tribute to our guardian angels, we work diligently to be fiscally responsible.  All of our funding goes directly to caring for the animals.  Our primary focus is the day-to-day upkeep of our sanctuary which offers a free roaming, no-kill environment to at least 250 homeless animals.  We also maintain community outreach programs which offer assistance for spay/neuter, medical care and food to needy animals throughout Napa County.

Since our inception in 1982 we have adhered to an unwavering no-kill philosophy.  Every animal who comes to us receives the attention and love they deserve regardless of age, temperament or medical condition.  We sincerely believe every animal deserves compassionate care and we are tirelessly committed to making that possible.

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