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With Your Help …

 We were able to help these cats, along with many others.


Black Jack, had a tumor that was removed.

Sweet Caroline, has a neurological problem. She has an unusual walk.

Scruffles, had an injury to her eye and had to have it removed.

Brannigan, had a blockage and we almost lost him.  He is doing just fine now!

Tip Toes, had skin issues and lost most of her hair.  But, she is doing fantastic!

Community Projects

For making it possible to provide vital services to feral and homeless cats and needy dogs.

Thank You!

Without your support we would not be able to help these animals.

Vasconi’s Pharmacy

Thank you Hap & Patti Vasconi for the generous donation of insulin for our kitties.


American Medical Response. They help us safely dispose of our syringes.


For their commitment & support to  We Care Animal Rescue.

Joe Bob Hitchcock 

For the Costco deliveries of cat food and supplies. Carol Westphal for your donations of bleach, dish soap and other supplies.

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